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The client's comfort, calmness and confidence in the correctness of their choice are important to us.

RNSNS INVESTMENT is an investment and consulting boutique, specialized in providing comprehensive services in the immovable property investment and legal business service in Poland.

Our Company has successfully worked for many years as Privat Banking, managing the capitals of a limited group of private clients and providing them with high-end services in banking, investment in immovable property, and opening and doing business in Poland.

Today our boutique is successfully operating in the open market, becoming an indispensable guide and personal advisor, specialized in organizing investments in Poland, servicing bank accounts, legal support for opening business and purchase of immovable property by private investors from the CIS, Qatar and China.

We are the first consulting company that focused not on the number of customers, but on the quality of the services we provided, which allowed us to create the most comfortable conditions for foreign investors investing their money in the immovable property in Poland. And the range of services developed by us, many years of experience and perfect knowledge of the market provide a guarantee of achieving results that exceed customer expectations.

Our business is a business of trust!

RNSNS INVESTMENT is the first company in its segment to provide its customers with full confidentiality guarantees, being liable for it.

We offer our services to self-sufficient people who want to find the most reliable way to save their savings and legal entities that create their representative offices in Europe for further business development. We work for those who need to get the desired result and quality service, with the minimum expenses of their time and money.

Our credibility on the Polish market, stable cooperation and trusting relations with the best Polish companies will allow each of our customers to receive a guarantee of quality investment.

Our difference from others is not only the high quality of the services provided or unlimited opportunities. Our main difference is that we do not set the task to earn as much as possible! Our task is to build the trust and family relations with you, becoming an indispensable adviser and guide to the world of successful investments.


Renesans Investment offers its clients a range of services in the operations related to the property purchasing in Poland by the citizens of CIS, as well as after-sales services. Our services are addressed to independent persons for whom it is important to achieve the desired effects and high quality service without wasting a time

No one cares about their customers so as we do.

When investing in immovable property, no one is insured from unscrupulous lessors, technical breakdowns, and delays in paying utility bills, taxes or other troubles related to owning the immovable property. No one except for customers of RNSNS Investment.

‘Property Management’ Service has been implemented in our offer for the purpose of increasing the income and profitability of the facilities, reducing the costs for maintenance and service of the immovable property, and also providing our customers with an opportunity to freely consort their resources and time on the development of personal goals.

Due to us, you immovable property will be always rented under the most favorable terms and conditions for you, and the terms of its rent will be reduced to the maximum level.

Organization of relations with lessees:

  • Facility management services
  • Search for a lessee and conclusion of contracts
  • Control over the fulfillment of obligations under lease agreements, timely receipt of lease payments, etc.
  • Legal support and control

Immovable Property Maintenance:

  • 24-hour support service
  • Complex cleaning and other business services
  • Organization of interaction with public utilities
  • Facility protection, etc.
  • Repairs and cosmetic corrections

Financial Control:

  • Control over the cost and timely payment of utility bills
  • Control over the modern payment of taxes
  • Control over the cost and timely payment of electricity, etc.

Purchase of a capital repair facility – this type of investment in immovable property is ideally suited, both for leasing under a high percentage of profit, and for further re-sale. When choosing this service, RNSNS Investment offers its customers not only the selection of the most suitable facility, but makes all repair works that includes designer services, purchase of materials, furniture and décor elements, as well as the sale of the facility or its long-term lease. Our specialists make a thorough market analysis and together with the designers, contractors and workers create an algorithm for the implementation of the facility that best meets the needs and requirements of the market without going beyond the budget, which assumes high margins in the future.

RNSNS INVESTMENT is the only company that provides a financial guarantee of the shortest terms, low price and uncompetitive high quality.

In addition thereto, as a sign of quality when providing this service, our customers get a guarantee for all repairs, as well as a free quarterly property management.


Due to its capabilities and knowledge of the immovable property market, RNSNS INVESTMENT provides its customers with a comprehensive service for the construction of the residential and commercial immovable property.

Legal Support

RNSNS INVESTMENT provides comprehensive service for private and legal entities involved in the construction process from the moment of acquisition of the immovable property unit, investment, and settlements between the parties to the construction process and to the issues, related to the operation of the built immovable property units.

Technical Support

Our unrivaled team of specialist in the field of construction has extensive experience in working with residential, commercial and state projects. Due to cooperation with the leading experts in the market: architects, engineers and craftsmen, we can guarantee to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and safety combined with an innovative approach

All our projects are carefully and continuously monitored by our specialists, which leads to the increased efficiency, reduced risks and costs, as well as the higher profits and reduction in the implementation terms.


It was never easy to build a business in Europe!

RNSNS INVESTMENT Company provides a full range of services in the field of business consulting - from planning to enter the market before mergers and introducing business strategies to increase profitability or the recognition of companies.

Company Registration in Poland

  • Drawing up the Company’s Articles of Association
  • selection of KVEDs
  • opening a bank account of the company
  • registration of an individual tax number NIP
  • registration of the statistical number REGON
  • registration of the VAT payer
  • registration with the Social Security Administration ZUS
  • lease of legal address
  • development and manufacturing of printing
  • sworn translation
  • all notarial services
  • all notarial services
  • selection of the accountant

Company Management in Poland

  • preparation of legal documents
  • preparation of commercial contracts
  • legal advice related to economic activities, representation of interests in judicial and state bodies
  • company correspondence service
  • support during negotiations
  • holding negotiations
  • keeping correspondence
  • control over financial and accounting statements
  • support for purchase and sale processes
  • legal service of household issues
  • translation of documents

Company liquidation in Poland

  • organization of the liquidation process
  • drawing up internal documentation
  • notary services
  • registration of documentation in courts
  • preparation of balances of liquidation opening
  • closure of economic activities
  • closing of debts and liabilities
  • property distribution
  • closing of bank accounts
  • removing a company from the registries

Doradztwo bankowe

Due to many years of cooperation with the largest financial and credit institutions, RNSNS INVESTMENT offers its clients comprehensive banking consulting services for individuals and legal entities not residents

  • analysis and selection of banking services
  • opening accounts for individuals and legal entities
  • registration of leasing
  • registration of loans
  • account maintenance
  • support during negotiations
  • implementation of transactions

Universal concierge service has been introduced specifically for our clients, which is designed to facilitate and brighten staying in Poland. We covered the full range of concierge service and took into account all the requirements and wishes of the customers! We are ready to help to forget about all the difficulties of staying outside the home, whether it's a business trip or moving to a new place of residence.

  • booking of air tickets
  • hotel reservation
  • reservation of tables in restaurants
  • reservation of places in bars and night clubs
  • booking tickets in the cinema and theaters
  • shopping organization
  • urgent applications (purchase of gifts, etc)
  • housekeeping
  • information on events (exhibitions, presentations, etc)

Our main specialization is to provide comprehensive services in the sphere of investing in residential and commercial real estate in Poland.

Providing investment consulting services in the segment of residential and commercial real estate, we not only take into account all the wishes of the client and provide all objective and real information about the investment in question, analyze the profitability and liquidity of the objects, we also help determine the real market price that we uphold especially for you.

We offer a full package of services to our customers that ensure the implementation of the acquisition of an investment from opening a bank account prior to signing a notarial deed.

Due to our opportunities, we shall take care of the issues related to the purchase of the immovable property, including:

- search for the most profitable object || due to the fact that we do not cooperate with intermediaries and developers on the basis of getting % from our client’s transaction – you will receive the most objective information about the immovable property, and the object will be chosen through the analysis of a broad market, rather than a limited brokerage base or objects that need to be sold.

- upholding the most favorable terms and conditions || whereas, we do not work for % of the transaction and are not interested in making the transaction amount the highest – you will be able to get a really profitable and cost-effective option at the price below the average market rate, as our advisers will do everything that would be the price criteria the most beneficial to you.

- bank consulting || our financial advisers will help to carefully study the methods of payment for the investment, including full support for opening a bank account in leading European banks, currency conversion and bank payment.

- legal support || our legal advisers will prepare all illegal documents with a guarantee of favorable terms and conditions for you. All the notarial acts are carefully processed by our team, and if the client wants to attend the signing of the purchase contract, he/she is accompanied not only with the personal adviser and a court interpreter, but also by a legal advisor who can answer all the questions raised during the transaction conclusion.

Our main difference from other companies is that we do not abandon our Customers for half a way, therefore we always take on ourselves the receipt of cadastral registers, permits for real estate acquisition, real estate registration of land registers, building permits, payment of taxes and other legal issues.


In order to meet the needs of our Clients, RNSNS INVESTMENT has developed a unique service in the field of investment consulting - CRYPTOINVESTMENT. Our personal consultations in the field of crypto assets and Blockchain technology in general will allow you to be up-to-date and limit the risks when investing in this area.

The uniqueness of our service lies in the fact that we offer it without mediocre knowledge of professionals who are not engaged in speculation against the background of market trends, but personally participate in the development of technology, create codes for leading crypto currencies, have direct access to information and data that affect the future Blockchain technologies, the price of crypto-currencies and the direction of the development of the market as a whole.


The service of a professional consultant specializing in Blockchain technology, which will help you to master this sphere, to understand its essence and incredible possibilities.

  • consultation on Blockchain technology
  • consultation on technical issues of the technology operation and its application in practice
  • consultation on the issue of the operation and development of crypto currency
  • consultation on technology development issues i
  • consultation on issues related to progressive crypto currencies


Thanks to our access to analytical and insider information from developers from the markets of Asia and the USA, we offer our Clients recommendations on investing in crypto-currencies, which help to earn from 30 to 150% of the transaction

All our recommendations are based on a technical and fundamental analysis that is available to us, which includes not only graphics, demand, large capital movements, etc., but also technical documentation, analysis of developments and expert opinions. All this allows us to provide up to 80% of positive and profitable signals

  • Registration the bitcoin wallet
  • Registration and verification on the Exchange
  • Risk Management
  • Recommendations for trading with signals
  • Comprehensive investment services


One of the most well known methods of investing in crypto currency is mining or process of recording transactions with bitcoins in block chain into a public database for all transactions with Bitcoin, which is responsible for confirming the transaction

We offer our Clients the opportunity to join a proven and reliable pool (a group of investors who have enveloped their resources to extract more crypto currency), which is the largest community in Eastern Europe.

  • Register your wallet
  • Signing a contract with a financial envelope
  • Control over investment
  • Comprehensive investment services


Our capabilities allow us to protect you from unnecessary waste of time and money

Step I
Selection of immovable property units.

Search and selection of the immovable property unit the most suitable for the customer (taking into account the individual criteria, prices and other customer requests)

Step II
Purchase Registration.

Consulting on financial issues, transferring capital, as well as opening an account to a non-resident individual in a bank in Poland (regardless of the fact of acquiring the immovable property)

Step III
Review of Immovable Property Units.

Professional consulting on all organizational, price legal issues related to the process of purchase of immovable property in Poland

Step IV

Arrangement of arrival and full support during the viewing of selected objects, interpreter/translator from Polish, organization and conclusion of a transaction

"Warsaw – New Europe, New investments, Your possibilities!"
© RNSNS Investment


Warsaw is the main beneficiary of BREXIT

According to the latest JLL research – as a result of BREXIT, London will lose about 4 thousand working places.

For the purpose of avoiding losses, large companies have already begun moving their middle office and back office to Poland, as it is Warsaw, which is globally recognized in the location of modern business services and takes a leading place in this sector, along with China and India. Experts emphasize that in Poland in this sector employs about 200 thousand specialists. By 2020, this number can grow to 300 thousand. And Brexit will bring Poland another 35 -45 thousand jobs in the financial and banking sector. All this will lead to an increase in demand for real estate in Poland and according to market rules – price increases, and as a result – an increase in the profits of our customers.

Warsaw is the best ratio of prices and revenues

Only in the last year, Warsaw has risen to the leading position in the report of Deutsche Bank – ‘Mapping the World’s Prices’.

The study took into account the 47 largest cities in the world. At the same time, the rapidly developing capital of central-eastern Europe has proved itself as a place with the best correspondence of a high level of security, low cost of living and a high level of the ratio of property prices and incomes of city residents.

Warsaw is the leader of Europe in the immovable property market

In 2017, Poland entered the TOP-10 of the best places to invest in immovable property according to Global Property Guide Research. One of the decisive factors was the fact that Warsaw set a new record for major real estate transactions, thanks to the sale of the most modern skyscraper in Europe Q22, whose price was USD 325 million and purchases by the German investment giant Catella Wohnen Europa (CWE) 72 apartments in the most luxurious a residential complex in Europe, according to MIPIM Cannes. The transaction price amounted to a record amount of more than USD 50 million.


When investing in immovable property, the place determines the success of the investment. Our company operates in the Polish market, as for several years in the immovable property market of this country there is a steady rise in prices. Only in the last year, according to data of the international experts such as CBRE, Poland increased sales of only commercial immovable property by 30%, taking the leading position in the global immovable property market.
Poland distinguishes itself from other European countries by active housing and office construction, and as you know, it is the new housing that minimizes the risk of a collapse in prices and allows you to consider long-term prospects. We try to draw our clients’ attention to the attractiveness of the area and the liquidity potential of the facility. Any investment proposed by us must be expedient and safe, regardless of the purpose of its further exploitation. Due to this fact, provided the investment is properly invested, the return on real estate varies between 6-11% per annum.
Due to low prices for immovable property in comparison with other EU countries, a high percentage of profits, a constant increase in prices for buying/renting both commercial and residential real estate, and also considering the forecasts of all leading investment and consulting specialists – the Polish real estate market today is presented as the most profitable in Europe.


RNSNS INVESTMENT continuously cooperates with various charitable organizations, orphanages, institutes for research of unknown diseases and charitable foundations. Due to that fact, our Clients receive satisfaction not only from the quality of the services provided by us, but also from the feeling of their involvement in good deeds.


RNSNS INVESTMENT works only with the best companies in construction and design, law, banking and financial business, and hotel and restaurant business. All of them are distinguished by uncompetitive professionalism and high level of services and goods provided.


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